Are you interested in learning new language?? I can recommend you one. It is Nederlands.

  Or if you for any other reason already decided to start learning Dutch. I can tell you – good choice. Maybe you don’t know where to start? I can help you make even better choice.

  And one more…if you are already learning Dutch and you still don’t know what Leardutch.org means and you have never been to any language camp. YOU ARE DONG IT WRONG. Let me tell you the right way.

Language learning process doesn’t have to be hard or boring. Of course there will be some difficulties.

Here on my blog you can read the story of mostly how interesting the process of learning during Language camps from Learndutch.org is. Go ahead and read it after. But now let me tell you about self-learning online…and of course also with a help of Learndutch.org.

Maybe you don’t know how to read yet. Check out the video of Dutch alphabet and sounds, then go ahead and try. Then you can start with 1000 most common Dutch words. These are videos where you can listen to the right pronunciation of Dutch words. Not enough?? You can print out your vocabulary and even check yourself with a test. Ok, your head is hurting from all the new knowledge…you can rest by changing an activity – learn grammar 🙂 Don’t worry it is not that hard as you may experience at school. Videos are mostly 15 minutes long. They are very understandable, you just need to have adequate level of English. And the best thing is self-learning – if you didn’t understand from the first time, you don’t have to feel embarrassed to ask teacher to repeat in front of the class, you can just rest a little bit and watch the video again. Another surprise for you is that after every video there is a test. So you have a proof that you understand it good. Moreover, in the end of each module such as #dutchgrammar1 or #dutchgrammar2 (these are the once I am doing right now) you can do the test and get official certificate! But be prepared, you can try it just once!

No, that is not it. After you register on learndutch.org besides grammar and tests there are LISTENING exercises. It is veery important, otherwise it is hard to understand people who speak in a comfortable for them (usually very painful for us, learners) speed. And more fun videos about culture, food, celebrations and so on.

Well…check it out and veel succes!!

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