Oude Nederlandse spelletjes

Long story short: you register, you pay, you play!!

Ooh let’s get straight to business. I will just describe the most fun ones, otherwise you will go straight to sleep reading my story. Long story short: you register, you pay, you play!! Some even won the competition. We had about 10 groups of 3 or 4 people in each. Every group started in front of some table with a game. If you are starting to get confused look at the picture. I am sure you can find it on Learndutch.org winter school 🙂 After 10 minutes they switch to another game.

There were silly games, like hit wooden clown with a soft round ball, that looks like a pair of socks tuck one into another. And you are standing 3 steps far from the clown. Was not difficult at all (no irony). But the labyrinth!!! It was impossible. How will I explain that?? Imagine a board-box with a labyrinth on it and a lot of holes on the way out. You can operate the board, tilt it from side to side with one wheel and other two sides with another. And you have a slippery round ball. Your task is to get the ball as far as possible throughout the labyrinth and not let it fall into a hole. Noone I saw went further then 3 points 😀

Another supercool one was…there is a box with a mirror on the side and two open sides one on the top to look in, the other one for hand. At the bottom of the box there is a curvy path. So the task is to get to the end of the path using pencil and your hand. But!! you can only look in the mirror. If you cross borders-you lose! I heard this shows how good you are in a  stressful situation.

But until you try, you won’t understand what I mean. Grab a mirror and do it right now! You won’t regret it. I was laughing to tears when my brain didn’t allow my hand to move to any other direction then 2 millimeters up and down.

As for the rest, you have to check it out yourself. Don’t hesitate to sign up for Old Dutch Games if it will be possible.

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