For me, with Russian as my mother tongue,

Dutch “reverse” numbers are PAIN.

The most boring event of the whole camp is coming. However it is highly educational. Bingo game! The beginning is slow but when people get competitive …then it starts. For me, with Russian as my mother tongue, Dutch “reverse” numbers are PAIN. I myself also get very much irritated when I don’t win in these games of chance.  So I never dared to sign up for bingo. But the beginning was so slow and it was already getting quite late, and Patricia (a girl from the course, that didn’t live with us, she was going home every day) left me her 2 tickets. I was determent to win something for her.

“What kind of number that is”, “Come on!!!”, “No no I don’t need that”…56…56…31…31..2…………. BINGO!!

The first one of the next game, one row. I won!! I was dancing and praying while they were checking numbers. Happy happy!! And uuufff…I can finally calm down and enjoy other people’s success. This time our lieve mensen won drinks, glasses, soups and other things. I was happy to bring little bottle of special Drenthe alcohol, glaasje and some dry meat to Patricia in the morning. Колбасы мне за старания!! Meat for me for the effort!! Fair deal 😀

Believe me, after this game you will have no problem whatsoever with recognizing Dutch numbers 😀


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