Terug naar Drenthe

Winter barbeque!? who said that’s a bad idea?!

 The day had come. Our favorite Het Timmerholt. People are slowly gathering in the room 61. Winter barbeque!? Who said that’s a bad idea?! Outside brave lady from Germany is doing her magic with a grill. More people are cooking inside. „Quite a big group“- I said to myself in my head. We are chatting, trying to keep as much information as possible. Quite a big group in 10 minutes got three times as big. How surprising was that. That is a very big group. I am not surprised that the course was filled instantly. Because summer course was not just fun but also very helpful. And that is more important.  From my previous experience I feel like that one is going to be even better. Because more people – more fun)

For me it was impossible even to talk to each person that evening. Fantastic people are coming together to learn Dutch. So no matter how hard I tried it is really hard to leave the great conversation and move to another.

Dutch weather gave us a chance to enjoy winter on Winter course by putting a thin layer of snow here and there. But just for the first 2 days. SO we got a group picture with a snow.!! Juhuu!! Which was nice and unexpected for Holland. BBQ was in full swing when we got instructions about the contest we are having tomorrow. Happy excited and little drunk we went to our apartments excited about the next day.


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