Eerste les

We started the same way as some parents

teach their kids to swim…throw them in the water

and here you go.

I seriously don’t know how I managed to make a test on A2 level. But…guess what?! It was yet another great decision. We came to our first class early in the morning. Our docent Olga – beautiful, energetic, Dutch lady. Tell you a secret now…her lectures were interesting and diverse till the very end. I especially like this way of teaching and this type of teachers when the whole lesson is dynamic, we play games and watch videos. People are motivated to speak and not afraid to make mistake.

We started the same way as some parents teach their kids to swim…throw them in the water and here you go. You learn or you die. Just kidding, a little bit of an extreme metaphor but we started the lesson right away in Dutch. We spoke Dutch, learned grammar in Dutch, get the words we don’t know explained in Dutch. It was a lot of fun, but after 3 hours my brain just refused to work. How other people handled it – mystery for me.

We did all kinds of fun games throughout the course. Let me tell you about couple of them.


In pairs, choosing a word from vocabulary from last lesson person explains a chosen word to his partner. And vice versa. And it is taboo to use the word you are explaining. Up to me it is the best way to learn words, because listening and using other words in the sentence is involved. We used to play similar game when I was learning English. One person sits on the chair back to the white board. Teacher is writing words on the board and everyone else in the class explains it to the person on the chair. So he had to guess the word.

Hilarious one was – every time we hear the word “zou” we had to stand up and sit down. And Olga played on her computer this song – “Bløf – Wat Zou Je Doen”. Check this one out and you will understand why was that hilarious.

And I also loved a “4 words = story” game (that’s how I call it) we divide into 3 groups and we have 15 minutes to make up a story. But not to make it too easy for us, 4 words were given that we have to use. On top of it, we had to have 5 sentences hoofdzin+bijzin.

Check out the story in the next post.

Oh and I can’t skip the 10 disappearing words. Olga is writing 10 words down for everyone to see and in 2 minutes erase them. Afterwards we have to write them all down and make sentences with it.

I can talk about that for hours, but I can’t give out all the teaching tricks. However without that amazing energy that we were getting from our teacher this magic is not working. So no worries about the curriculum thieves. But the biggest reason is I can’t spoil it for you guys, that are considering joining the program.

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