Some time and some heerlijk dishes after…

Remember I wanted to tell you about some competition. In the morning each one of us got a number from 1 to 5. Then we were running around the camp asking “What’s your number?” …a lot of laughs and we also exchanged telephone numbers. The idea of numbers was that we will form the groups and compete with each other. Till 7 p.m we had to find recipe in Dutch, buy products, get together and cook TRADITIONAL DUTCH BOERENKOOL!! In the evening the judges will be trying and announcing the winner. But let’s get back to the beginning.

The products are on the table, potatoes are boiling, Dutch music is playing. Our group is cooking all together, but I won’t be with them, I am going to spy on another groups. With my camera I am going from group to group to look at the magical process. I am not a good cook myself and I very much NOT enjoy it. But looking at the people who does is a very nice thing to do) So the competition is about to begin and people with pots and plates are running around the table. Our jury, represented by Bart, Linda, Olga, Kirsten and Cory, is hungry and ready.  Some time and some heerlijk dishes after, the jury is ready to reach a verdict. Bart is taking the role of an announcer and also his voice decides who will be victorious tonight. Annnnnnnd ….you you don’t know the groups anyway so let’s move on…

People are happy no matter who won and who didn’t because now it is a meal time. So friendship and food always wins!! 🙂

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