Tot ziens

It was an escape from the reality

Overall, I loved every minute I was on the camp. It was an escape from the reality, not too much or not too little for me. I wasn’t bored at all, we always had something to do. Personally, I didn’t go there just to study, I was expecting more to feel the country, which worked out as planned. I met a lot of wonderful people and I hope to stay in contact with them. I love learning languages and this trip totally boosted my motivation to learn and gave me the right mindset to keep going.  I was lucky enough that our professor had exactly the accent I wanted to learn, so I was very pleased. That was another reason I wanted to learn from the native speaker. So I would advise to go to this type of language camp only if the reason is not just to study, but also to have fun.  Tot ziens 🙂



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