Outside the class activities(2)

The next big thing, except walking/biking/driving to supermarket Jumbo, which was itself some sort of an adventure every time, was going together to museumdorp Orvelte. Again super-cute village with nice people. Trip started with biking for about 15 minutes to the village. The one poor soul that cannot bike, that would be me, luckily get to go on the back of my new friend’s bike, who was kind enough to do a double workout and not to leave me alone in the camp. It was funny and scary. I never do biking, we just don’t need it at home. So I never learned how to bike at all. I was screaming on every turn or bump, but it was great. First thing we notice when we came to the village was a smell of bakery (which killed a smell of houses haha). So pretty obvious where were we headed first. We had a fresh brewed coffee with stroopwafels made right there in the bakery, sat and had a nice chat with locals. It is so nice when native people are pleased and amused by us learning Dutch, and these happy look on their faces when we actually speak some basic Dutch is priceless. Then we were going from house to house looking at the goods locals were selling, watching the surroundings, buying souvenirs to bring home. I bought 2 books, which caught my attention and was just for 1 euro each. Then we again sat at the terrace of some restaurant and shared our opinions and experience.

My last night (I had to go earlier) was a karaoke night. My god, how boring was the beginning. Everybody had fun and I wanted to kill myself. There were just Dutch songs that nobody, except Bart knew. I have to give him credit, he made a mood, when he started singing…but I read very slowly. Reading in foreign language is my week spot, so I didn’t even try. And what is the point to read if you never heard the song. However I had fun making videos of people singing.

But it was just a beginning. Then we got a key from the classroom and made a party of the month there. Every participant’s name was written on a piece of paper and put into the bowl. One pick the name and that person had to perform. Then they picked and so on. It was so much fun, everybody was singing along and dancing. We were learning Spanish and Mexican dances and then talked till the early morning. That was a great ending to a great holiday of mine.

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