First lesson

Straight in Dutch…wow

Weather loved us that day, but not the other days. Typical Dutch summer awaited us the second day…Rain, clouds, rain, rain, sun, rain, sun, clouds… We came to our classroom. It was a kitchen with long tables. We made coffee, made ourselves comfortable and the lesson started. We were introducing ourselves in Dutch to our new professor Harke-Jan. Straight in Dutch…wow. I really liked how smooth it went, I didn’t feel embarrassed to talk and was not afraid of making mistakes, I just started to talk. Personally I don’t find Dutch very difficult for the beginning. This language for me is very similar to English (which I believe I am fluent at), French (that I used to learn at school) and German (unfortunately absolutely new for me). And it sounds way nicer then German for my ear, not so hard and demanding. I found the book we were studying with quite nice, it will be quite useful even after the course, 40 euro that weren’t spent in vain. 3 hours flew very fast and it was already time to finish. Of course I will not reveal a secret of what was happening during the classes, you have to try it yourself.

The beginning was nice, quiet pace of the lessons was overall good, but in the end we needed something more exciting. So we made a couple of suggestions to our professor that were taken very well and applied right away. On request our classes became less academic and more vocal and playing games to help us talk more and more and feel comfortable with our language. It was great, just what the whole group needed.

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