We were sitting at the round tables,

 eating, drinking

and heaving a good laughs. 

Our language journey had begun with an evening BBQ. So many similar questions…first half hour we were like a trained parrots repeating our names (which nobody remembered), where are we from, and why are we here. But it was fun. I felt myself on vacation, starting meaningless and fun chit chats, tasting people personalities to find out who is gonna be my future team. We were sitting at the round tables, eating, drinking and heaving a good laughs.

“It is so hard to find a good teacher in Czech Republic. And almost impossible – a Dutch native speaker. Why learn from a non-native speaker, you will just get a weird accent” – I complained. Indeed, I called several language schools in Prague, just to find out that Czechs are teaching Dutch. Also I was really disappointed that in the biggest book store in Prague there is not a single book in Dutch. Interesting part was of course why people wanted to learn, some recently moved or planned to move to Holland, some had Dutch family or Dutch partner, a couple people wanted to study in Holland. And there were people from all over the world. Personally I am from Kazakhstan…well very far…but I live in Czech Republic now. There were people from China, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Serbia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Norway…and of course I must have forgot some. The great feeling of connection was immediate. People were really nice and friendly…I am not exaggerating. Bart came also. Oh, you don’t know him yet. Bart is the person who organized the whole thing. He is a founder of Well, go check the thing out!!

One of our fellow student volunteered to barbecue…this job followed him untill the very end of my stay (some people stayed longer…lucky ones). I met my amazing apartment-mate, which was funny and was able to create a positive wave even in the most boring situation . Oh, almost forgot…our bananas. Yes yes, bananas. That is how everybody called our apartments. Because block of apartments was in a shape of banana. We had a spacious living room together with kitchen with Kitchen corner, microwave, fridge, TV, Sofa, Armchairs and a place to eat…well simply there were everything we needed…except for detergent 😀 Bathroom together with toilet with a huge noisy door and I had a go-through room. This didn’t bother me at all because we got along well with my flat mate J Lucky me.

So, it was getting darker and we were still chatting, eating and drinking. First class awaited us tomorrow, we were happy and excited to start leaning. Weather loved us this day…


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