Idea of learning Dutch came to me
 after meeting tall and ridiculously handsome Dutch guy,
 who swept me of my feet

I found myself, as it seemed to me from the first sight, in the middle of nowhere. Holland, Drenthe, station Beilen. I walked out of a train and caught myself thinking that I have no idea where to go. I traveled quite a bit this year, backpacking, so this thought didn’t bother me too much. I looked around and immediately two friendly guys that were standing next to the car greeted me with a question “Going to the Dutch course?!”

Well, let’s start from the very beginning. The idea of learning Dutch came to me after I realized that meeting that tall and ridiculously handsome Dutch guy, who swept me of my feet, is not gonna be just a quick summer romance, but a deep feeling of mutual love. I threw away my “Finnish for dummies” and went online to do my research. It is not the first language I’ve learned, so I know a couple of tricks…I took my laptop and start working. After some time I came across videos  on youtube called “”. First I saw video folder called 1000 most common words in Dutch. The idea of 1000 most common words was very appealing to me, it was easy and productive. The way the videos were created made me think of looking deeper and visit a web site. I became interested in buying a access… but being an impulsive person first time I saw an opportunity to go for 2 weeks Dutch course in Holland I booked this instead. There were several options, but 1 two-week seemed enough for me. Also to choose from Amsterdam and Drenthe…Drenthe?! To tell you the truth, I didn’t have enough money for Amsterdam, so I thought “Drenthe?! I can’t even show it on the map…but what the hell”. And it was a great decision. The dutchgrammar I got for free as a package, and I decided that I am gonna study hard and chose an A1 level instead of the very basic A0. Another great decision.

Time flew…I am here…So we are driving through cute villages to the place called “Het Timmerholt”. Het Timmerholt is a camp area next to the village Westerbork.

“2 km distance from the center of Westerbork. A spacious park, where most houses are detached and have a lovely secluded garden. The park is situated around a private, highly stocked lake. Walking and cycling is possible directly from the holiday park. The centers of the shopping cities of Emmen, Assen and Hoogeveen are within 25 km. location and even the city of Groningen you drive in half an hour. Peace, space, nature combined with experience and comfort.” Well…yeah…

My expectation screamed: “BORING” first time I saw the place…so wrong. I understood that the very second I met our international team. Our language journey had begun.

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